Single-Use Studio Rental Rates

Photographers needing the Wilmington photography studio rental infrequently may purchase a single-day membership on an as-needed basis.  Memberships are limited to professional photographers with proof of liability insurance and are subject to approval.

A la Carte Rates for Single-Day Members

  • Camera Room Rental
  • $50 per hour, 4 hour minimum.

What’s Included:

  • Use of all set walls and backdrops
  • Studio-owned props
  • Six-foot constant window light (strobes not provided)
  • Hair and Makeup vanity area
  • Private dressing room
  • Stream music throughout camera room
  • 100% privacy throughout the duration of your shoot
  • Sales & Consultation Room Rental
  • $20 per hour.

What’s Included:

  • Big Screen TV tethered to computer for sales & slideshows
  • Neutral fine-art landscape decor
  • Stream music via computer
  • High Speed internet connection
  • Appearance of having your own professional office
  • Quiet, private area for meeting clients

All rentals are billed per hour.  Any part of an hour is billed at the next full hour.
All new users and renters must complete an orientation prior to rental.
Memberships are subject to approval.
Prices subject to change.

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Benefits of Annual Membership:

If you think you’d use the camera room even just a few times a year, you could save money by having an annual membership!

  • Discounted Camera Room Hours
  • Access to professional lighting gear during Camera Room rentals*
  • Discounts on classes and members-only events
  • Access to private forums for discussing business, pricing, posing, lighting… you name it!
  • Discounted Sales Room hours
  • Custom-branded Sales Room featuring your brand’s signage, and provided storage room for prints and presentation materials**
  • Your logo on outer facing window**
  • Inclusion in a vibrant and growing photographic community in Wilmington!
* must demonstrate competence and basic safety with lighting gear.  Crash courses available for additional fee if desired.
**qualifying plans only.

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