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Wilmington Conference Room – New Upgrades

Lori Unruh Conference Room Rentals

Did you know The Shoot Space allows local businesses to rent our Wilmington conference room? No more coffee shop meetings! Our sales and meeting space has been carefully designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to meet with your clients.

wilmington conference room

Recent Sales Room Upgrades

This year has seen some new upgrades in our sales room! Here are some of the highlights:

– The sales and conference room has been moved across the hall. The new room has a better configuration, new carpeting, and a hard drywall ceiling — no more drop tiles!

– By far the COOLEST upgrade is a new 4K TV for maximum image clarity! We are retiring the old TV. (Also, we have a TV for sale.) 🙂

wilmington conference room

– New speakers and subwoofer for better sound. Because TV speakers pretty much suck.

wilmington conference room wilmington conference room

– Shelves in the corner allow you to display knick-knacks and promotional items, such as accordions, gift prints, and more. Shelves hold vintage cameras by default; bring your swag to your sales meetings!

– Homey lighting, because fluorescent sucks.

Wilmington Conference Room Features

Here’s what hasn’t changed:

– Template-based canvases on the wall, in groupings, to help your wall portrait sales. Canvases are beach landscapes by default. Branded sales room memberships include access to the templates to customize your images.

wilmington conference room

– Coffee table to hold snacks, albums, etc.

– Comfortable living-room style seating to put your clients at ease.

– Custom room signs for members with branded sales room.

Interested in meeting your clients in our sales and conference room?  Check out conference room rental rates here.

wilmington conference room