In Person Sales for Photography – Shoot to Sell

Lori Unruh Photography Education

Jeff and I hear from a lot of photographers that they want to start selling product and move away from shoot-and-burn, but that they just can’t seem to get their clients out of the files-and-small-prints mentality.  What’s the secret to better in person sales?  Hint:  It starts before the sales appointment.

in person sales

Don’t wait until after the shoot to ask your clients what they want to buy.  Successful in person sales starts at the inquiry — you’ve got the get your clients to start thinking about what they want to buy now.  If you’re waiting until the sales appointment to discuss sales, you’ve missed the boat!  When you operate your business with intent, your photography sales will improve and you’ll have happier clients.

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If you’d like help with your in person sales techniques, we’d love to help!  We can set up a one-time Crash Course, or work with you in an ongoing Mentorship.  Check out our one-on-on photography mentoring options here.  We’ll get you up, running, and selling profitably in no time!