Wedding Pricing System / Price List & Instructional Video

$ 95.00

To keep both our studio and yours unique, this product is NOT to be used by photographers, or for clients, within 100 miles of Wilmington, NC.

Our current 2015 Wedding Investment Guide allows you to structure your price list for easy upsells. We also teach you the how and the why our price list is structured the way it is, so you are fully empowered to adapt the Guide to your own needs and to fit your market.

This download includes:

  • 10 page Investment Guide!
  • Fully layered editable .psd files
  • Flattened jpeg example files
  • Bonus price lists showing our portrait & print pricing
  • Exclusive 40 minute instructional video explaining best use practices and tips for easy upsells! This webinar is an invaluable source of all the lessons we learned the hard way, all of which led to our current pricing model.

Get your pricing in order, and get clients who are excited about purchasing upgrades and add-ons to their wedding collection!

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