Wedding Album Contract Addendum

$ 25.00

To keep both our studio and yours unique, this product is NOT to be used by photographers, or for clients, within 100 miles of Wilmington, NC.

Is the wedding album design process a thorn in your side? Do clients take too long to get back to you, or they’re constantly forgetting how the process works?  Clearly lay out expectations for both you and your clients with our Wedding Album Addendum.

This addendum clearly outlines our album sales method, which includes getting the client’s input on the album framework and size, designing the spreads without requiring the client to choose specific images, and then allowing the client to make basic changes. For more information, check out our Album Design Worksheet and Album Pricing Menu, or purchase the whole bundle!

An addendum is something that “adds onto” an existing contract. This is meant to add onto your wedding contract, without having to repeat things like copyright, arbitration requirements, etc. This is not worded as a free-standing contract on its own.

All our contracts are professionally designed to look attractive and cohesive.  The header design is included as a fully layered .psd file so that you can customize the color and text to match your brand.

Contracts are written by a licensed attorney.  However, we always recommend that you review the contract with an attorney in your area to ensure it complies with local laws.

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