Independent Contractor Agreement

$ 125.00

What’s an Independent Contractor Agreement, and who needs one? It’s a contract for non-employee workers, AKA independent contractors, such as second shooters, assistant, photo booth operators, retouchers, and more.  If you commission any of these types of workers, you need an independent contractor agreement!

Per U.S. copyright law, he or she who clicks the shutter owns the image.  Let’s say you sell your clients a wedding album that included both your and your second shooter’s images.  Did you know your second shooter can sue you for copyright infringement without a proper work-for-hire contract?  Scary thought!

There’s also a very fine line between employment and work-for-hire.

Get your second shooter contracts and assistant contracts done with an independent contractor agreement.  Specify your work-for-hire agreement, protect your copyright, and make sure you’re above board with employment laws.

All our contracts are professionally designed to look attractive and cohesive.  The header design is included as a fully layered .psd file so that you can customize the color and text to match your brand.

Contracts are written by a licensed attorney.  However, we always recommend that you review the contract with an attorney in your area to ensure it complies with local laws.


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