Wedding Album Payment Plan Contract

$ 95.00

Wedding albums are one of the most important products you can sell to your clients.  Digital files just don’t last forever!  But sometimes the cost of an album can be a little out of your clients’ reach.  Why not offer them the best of both worlds: an album they’ll love forever with a monthly payment that they can afford!

Our payment plan contract allows your clients to purchase their album without interest – you simply deliver the album once their invoice is paid off.  This minimizes the risk of financial loss.  Further, the contract defines what happens if they stop paying.

When you offer an attainable album payment plan, your sales of albums go way way up!

All our contracts are professionally designed to look attractive and cohesive.  The header design is included as a fully layered .psd file so that you can customize the color and text to match your brand.

Contracts are written by a licensed attorney.  However, we always recommend that you review the contract with an attorney in your area to ensure it complies with local laws.


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