Photographers’ Resources

questionsWhat’s the best gear?  Lights?  Software?  Overwhelmed by all the options out there?  The best solution is to go to a large trade show, like ImagingUSA or WPPI, where you can see, touch, feel, and play with all the goodies.  But those shows are only once a year!

Wanna know what we use in our own business for indigosilver studio?  Here are a few resources, products, and other stuff we find helpful as photographers:

These companies help us in our efforts to pay it forward to the photographic community. We can’t say enough great things about them. Check them out!


We use Canon cameras and lenses.  Below are our favorite bodies and lenses, but there are similar bodies and lenses from other manufacturers.

The Shoot Space is only one avenue for us to share with others.  These conferences, workshops, and magazines have featured or hosted us in partnership to raise the tide!

SF-16           Shutter-Mag           SLR-Lounge           PPA-Super-1-Day-workshops           SF-15           ppmag_logo           moar