New Rental Rates for 2015!

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you-asked-we-listenedAt The Shoot Space, our goal is to make our little corner of the world a great community for photographers.  That’s why we take our members’ feedback to heart.

We’ve had several photographers request a studio rental membership plan that fell in between our lowest 2 plans.  And, after a couple years in business, we’ve seen bigger demand for the lower plans, and less demand for the bigger plans.  As a result, we’ve revamped and revitalized our membership plan structure!

We still have 5 plans total.  Our plans still range from $20-$300 per month.  But we ditched a less-popular plan on the higher end, and added a much-requested plan to the lower end.  The result: more affordable options all the way around!

But Wait… There’s More!

Conference Room for rent

I couldn’t resist.  But yes, there really is more.

Brand-new for 2015, we now have Sales-Room-Only memberships!  These memberships are perfect for the work-from-home professional that needs an upscale location to meet with their clients.  No more meetings in noisy coffee shops or cold sterile conference rooms — control the meeting and the sale in our specially designed Sales Room.  Take a peek inside our Sales and Meeting Room in our online Virtual Tour.

It Gets Better…

new-improvedAs a bonus, we’ve reduced the price of Sales Room rentals for all members, and added more Sales Room hours to our top three packages.  If you’ve never really thought about doing In Person Sales, it is the ultimate way to increase sales, client loyalty, and client satisfaction.

If you’re currently in our $20 plan, your Sales Room hours just went down to $15!  If you’re in currently in our $100 plan, you just got 2 free Sales Room hours, and we increased your Classes discount to 20%!  Yayyyyyyyyy!

Excited yet?  Check out our new Membership Plans here.  Then contact us to schedule a tour, ask questions, or sign up!