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One-on-One Photography Mentoring & Instruction

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Ever wish you could just sit down with a photographer for a day and pick his or her brain on any topic you wanted? Now you can.

Introducing our One-on-One Photography Mentoring & Instruction. Whether you choose one day of instruction or ongoing mentorship, we’ll teach you in an intensive one-on-one format for the best individualized photography instruction.  One-on-one instruction is the best way to get answers to the questions you need to know.  Forget endless social media crowdsourcing, or seminars with hundreds of attendees.  Get the personal attention you need to grow your photography skills and your business know-how.


How it Works:

Once your mentoring session is booked, we will discuss a list of topics that interest you and develop a curriculum based on those topics. We’ll help you plan any gear or equipment that you may need to bring, or help you find a model if your session involves portraiture. Then simply come in for your session and learn like crazy! We’ll provide the coffee…

There are two types of instruction we offer:
Crash Courses allow you to learn as much as you can in a two hour, half day, or full day lesson.
Mentorships allow you to have consistent instruction to grow your skills over time.

Crash Course Instruction

Learn as much as you can in one meeting. Don’t let the name fool you – our Crash Course Instruction can be as basic or as advanced as you choose.

Crash Courses must be paid in full prior to instruction date.  Crash Courses are completed in one day, on weekdays only.

Ongoing Mentorship

Need more than just a Crash Course? Our ongoing Mentorship plans allow you to learn as you grow; refining your curriculum as your photography and business skills change with time.

Get a deep dive into the inner workings of your photography business, and come out truly transformed.  Overhaul your existing studio, or build your dream studio from the ground up!  We’ll give you the tools you need for success in an industry known for quick burnout and high failure rate.

Ongoing mentorships are currently scheduled on Thursdays only.  Due to high demand, there is a limited availability.  Jeff and Lori each only take 3 mentoring clients at any given time.

Compare Instruction Options

Crash Courses Single Day


Per Hour
  • Completed in
    1 day
  • 2-8 hours of instruction
  • $250-750 total
  • Assignments & Critiques
  • 2 hours of camera room use per quarter
    ($240 value) FREE!

The Advisor Six Months


Per Hour
  • Completed in
    6 months
  • 24 hours of instruction
  • $300 / month
  • Assignments & Critiques
  • 2 hours of camera room use per quarter
    ($240 value) FREE!

The Guru Twelve Months


Per Hour
  • Completed in
    12 months
  • 48 hours of instruction
  • $250 / month
  • Assignments & Critiques
  • 2 hours of camera room use per quarter
    ($240 value) FREE!

Who are We, Anyway?

Wanna know a little more about your mentors?  It’s ok, we would too!  While The Shoot Space is our labor of love to pay it forward to the photography community, indigosilver studio is our wedding and portrait photography business.  We’re real photographers, with real clients.  We’ve been in the business nearly a decade.  We’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, and we’d love to share those lessons with you… you know, so you can skip the “hard way” part.

Want to know a little more about us?  Check out our Who We Are page.