Increasing Your Bottom Line with Bridal Portraits

Lori Unruh Photography Education

One of our sponsors, Fundy Software, has asked us to write a guest blog post on the business of bridal portraits.  Want to learn how to add bridal portraits to your wedding photography lineup?  Check out our Tip of the Week: Increasing your Bottom Line with Bridal Portraits, live now on the Fundy blog!

In our blog post, we discuss what bridal portraits are, how to talk to your clients about them, what kinds of products we sell, sales strategies, and how to handle objections.

how to sell bridal portraits

Of course, selling bridal portraits is different than shooting bridal portraits.  If you’re looking to get experience with the shooting side of things, talk to some of your recent brides and see if they’d be willing to put their dress on one last time.  Or, if you’d prefer some hands-on photography instruction, you can sign up for one of our Crash Courses, and we’ll show you how to pose, light, and scout locations for your bridal session.

So check out the Tip of the Week and learn some bridal portrait goodness.  And while you’re at it… poke around on the Fundy site.  This company makes amazing software for photographers, including album design software, blog collage creator, and more!  They also regularly feature tips from pros on all aspects of photography.