Lightroom webinar

FREE WEBINAR TUTORIAL! Lightroom: More Than Image Processing

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
By Jeff Poole and Lori Unruh, indigosilver studio
Part of the Photobiz Live Webinar Series

Import, export, metadata, presets, catalogs… blah blah blah! If you’re using Lightroom but all that jargon baffles you, then join us as we simplify and make your life easier.

We’ll discuss keywording, rating, and tagging, and show you how to keep your file structure organized so you can easily access any image, any time. Have you been searching for that perfect sales software? Look no further. You’ll learn ways you can sell using the same software you’re already familiar with! Find out how our streamlined workflow allows us to easily create blog posts, email images, and create custom mobile apps right out of Lightroom. But the best part is, we’ll show you how to share your catalog, allowing studios with multiple workstations to all have access to every catalog!

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Lightroom webinar