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Creative Live watching party: Understanding Light with Mark Wallace

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This week, we got special permission from the folks at Creative Live to host a live streaming party of their 3 day event “Understanding Light”, taught by Mark Wallace. We projected a 12 foot bigscreen onto the cyc wall and streamed three days of intensive lighting instruction. Yep, that’s the equivalent of a 144″ tv screen… it was basically a small movie theatre!


photography workshops wilmington


Several photographers came and went over the course of the 3 days. Some came for just one day, some came for all three! Krispy Kreme and the Tassimo rounded out the morning segment. Of course, during the lunch break we had to fill our bellies at Rucker John’s!



Creative Live has given us the green light to host more of these special live streaming parties! Bookmark your browser on The Shoot Space to keep up to date with these special events.