How to Book

Ready to book either the Camera Room or the Sales Room?  Here’s what you need to know:

Find your date:

Check out our Calendar here to see if the room you want is available.  Remember that the Calendar is a planning tool only; your date is not guaranteed to be available.  It’s best to call or email us and double-check before promising your client a date.

The Shoot Space is open Tuesday through Friday, certain holidays excepted.  Select Mondays and Saturdays are available by appointment.  Generally, we try to be as flexible as possible, but even we need a day off sometimes!

Choose your time:

Each room rents by the full hour.  Plan your rental time such that you have allowed for set up, your shoot/meeting, and cleanup to happen within your rental time.  Arriving before your scheduled time to set up is not permitted, as another photographer may have the room during that time.

Sometimes, it’s just fun to keep shooting!  If there is no one scheduled to use the room after you, you may choose to extend your rental at your contracted hourly rate.

There are no Moms here!  Plan time not only to break down any equipment you’ve used, but to clean any messes and sweep the floor.

The Camera Room has a four hour minimum on rentals.   It takes that long to set up your lights, set, and props; to shoot; and to break down and clean up… trust us on this one.

Standard business hours are 11 am – 6 pm on the days listed above.  Reservations are available outside these hours and are subject to an overtime rate of time-and-a-half.

Submit your Reservation Request:

Fill out our Reservation form here.

We love that you’re friends with us on social media!  But for our organizational sanity, please do not request reservations via Facebook.


First-Time Renters:

If this will be your first rental with us, you must provide us with proof of liability insurance, listing The Shoot Space as an additional insured, before your reservation will be approved.

Sometime between now and your shoot, you’ll need to come in for a tour and orientation.  We’ll go over how to set up the lights, proper use of the cyc wall and backdrops, and answer any questions that you may have.  This can be done either the day of your shoot, approximately 45 minutes before your scheduled start time, or on a separate day.  Be sure to let us know so that we can set aside time for you.

For security purposes, our lighting gear is not available for use until you demonstrate proficiency with lighting and light stand setup.  Please plan to bring any lighting gear you may need.