Black Friday Mentoring Special

Business Mentoring by Jeff & Lori

We love to help photographers grow.

Jeff and Lori Poole
Lori and Jeff Poole

When we first started our studio, we struggled to make ends meet.

We lived in the basement of our studio for 3 years. Finally, we decided we needed to learn the business of photography.

Fast forward to today, we’re full-time photographers (and proud homeowners) who love to help other photographers on the path to success.

We’re offering a Black Friday special of 4 FREE HOURS OF MENTORING with the purchase of a 12 month mentorship (paid monthly).

“Love it! The best decision I’ve made this year! The support, education, and resources are amazing.”

Tennille G.
Infographic: 4 hours of free mentoring with 12 month photography mentoring subscription

“[As a result of my mentorship,] I SOLD 20K OF PRODUCTS IN FIVE DAYS! Jeff and Lori were amazing to work with, and I’d totally recommend them to anyone.”

Lori D.

New or Improved?

It’s never too soon — or too late — to get on the right track.

If you’re new to the business of photography, it’s best to start with a working and profitable plan, rather than struggle for years and get burnt out before you ever get off the ground. We’ll help you avoid the mistakes we made early on!

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’re probably looking to improve your profitability to work smarter rather than harder! Learn our sales and pricing secrets to help your clients spend more, while hugging you on the way out the door!

“The best decision I’ve ever done. They pushed me to become a better business owner.”

Marie W.
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What could you achieve?

With the right guidance, the right tools, the right strategy… where could your business go?

Our 12 month mentorship includes 2 meetings per month, for 2 hours each time. That’s 24 total meetings with Jeff or Lori. Meetings can be virtual, in person, or a combination thereof.

But Wait! There’s more!

I had to say it at least once! But yes, our Black Friday deal includes more:
2 additional meetings FREE.

But our calendar is limited. We are only accepting 4 new mentoring clients. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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