Better Photography Sales

Better Photography Sales when you Shoot to Sell

Lori Unruh Photography Education

Last month, we introduced Part 1 of our Shoot to Sell series as a Tip of the Week guest blog post on the Fundy Designer blog.  This month, we continue our tutorial earning better photography sales when you shoot to sell.

Better Photography Sales

Shooting to sell means you plan your entire client interaction, starting with the initial inquiry, with the sale in mind.  In Part 1, we explained how we encourage our clients to start thinking about purchasing products from the outset — before the sales meeting, and yes, even before the shoot.  When your client is mentally prepared to invest in photography from the beginning, you will earn better photography sales in the end!  We also plan our shoot with the product sale in mind.  Certain products require certain images, so why not plan that into your shoot?

better photography sales

In Part II, now live on the Fundy Blog, we share our unique in-person sales process.  We show products in the sales room, we use Lightroom to guide the selection of images, and we use Fundy Designer to show amazing canvas collages that our clients can’t resist!  When we guide the sales process from start to finish and help our clients by being the expert for them, our clients are happier and we earn better photography sales!

how to sell wall portraits

So check out Part II and let us know what you think.  If you enjoy the post, or if you have questions, leave us a comment!  We’d love to hear if this post turns on some lightbulbs or gets you thinking.

If improving your sales averages using in-person sales is something you’d like to learn, we are happy to provide mentoring!  We offer Crash Courses and ongoing Mentorships to photographers of all experience levels.  We are happy to work with you here in our studio, or long distance!  Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your sales process and earn better sales!

Wilmington-area photographers, don’t forget:  Our In-Person Sales room can be rented for your meetings with clients!