Our Mission

At The Shoot Space, our mission is to further the photographic industry by providing education, building a community, and being a catalyst for success through the access to resources such as professional gear, lighting, documents, and studio settings.


In the age of digital photography, the photographic industry has become one of self-teaching and forum-searching. It is becoming increasing rare that photographers understand their craft or their business before becoming entrepreneurs. Thus, many struggle with both technique and pricing strategies necessary to become successful. We believe in the power of education to elevate this industry and earn it the respect it deserves.


Many photographers are uncomfortable sharing their techniques and/or business practices with others. However, we believe the best way to elevate the photographic industry is by sharing and creating a support network. After all, who other than a fellow photographer will understand your pricing insecurities, your need for perfection, and why you’re still up at 2 am retouching your last session? So rather than try to hold each other back, let’s hold each other up. And maybe let’s grab a beer on Friday. Or two.


We all know it’s the artist, not the paintbrush. But the right paintbrush sure makes a difference! Come to The Shoot Space for truly controlled lighting, a variety of sets and backdrops, and professional equipment. See your imagery evolve.  Give your studio a home with our sales room and camera room and sales room for meeting with and shooting clients.  Build your business with our convenient contracts, templates, and workflows. Take your photography business to the next level.