3 Tips for Better Album Sales | SLR Lounge Interview, Part II

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slr lounge logoPart II of our three-part interview with Pye Jirsa is now live on SLR Lounge!

We filmed three interviews back-to-back during our visit to SLR Lounge headquarters in Santa Ana, California. The experience was a whole lot of fun… and nerve-wracking… and surprisingly easy. The concept that we were going to be featured on a website with 800,000 monthly viewers was not lost on Jeff and me. What should we wear? Should we bring anything? Should we rehearse? How does my hair and makeup look? What if we sound stupid?

Once we arrived, Pye and his team immediately put us at ease. While we didn’t rehearse, the three of us did quickly decide how best to break up all the information into three segments. Since this whole plan for the interviews was actually hatched from our conversations with Pye at WPPI, he was already familiar with the concepts he wanted to discuss with us.

Camera rolling, it’s go time! I think Jeff and I did a decent job of not being petrified, and Pye’s relaxed interview style kept us at ease.

The Shoot Space interview on SLR Lounge

So check out Part II on SLR Lounge, where we discuss our unique system for communicating album design concepts to our clients. Our goal is to be both educational and transparent, with being salesy. Yes that’s a word, and if it isn’t… It is now. 🙂 We’ve created a special Album Design Worksheet to walk our clients through the album design process seamlessly. And if you’re interested, the worksheet is on sale in our Shop, along with a special tutorial video on how we use it.

After you’ve watched the video, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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