3 Tips for A La Carte Wedding Pricing (SLR Lounge Interview)

Lori Unruh Photography Education

slr lounge logo At our recent trip to Las Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference & Expo, we met and became friends with Pye Jirsa and Justin Lin, co-founders of SLR Lounge. The guys at SLR Lounge run an amazing educational resource and news outlet for photographers. We began talking shop, and found out we have wildly different pricing methods, each based on what works for our geographic and demographic areas.

Behind the Scenes at SLR Lounge - Santa Ana, CA

Behind the Scenes at SLR Lounge – Santa Ana, CA

Next thing you know, we’re being interviewed on SLR Lounge! We visited SLR Lounge’s headquarters in Santa Ana, California to tape three different segments on not only wedding pricing, but also album sales, and even our special little concept of The Shoot Space.

The first interview segment, “3 Tips for Wedding Photography Pricing Strategies | Interview with Jeff and Lori” is already live!  In it we discuss how our unique a la carte pricing structure helps clients to build a custom wedding collection that fits their needs and their budgets.  If you’re interested, our wedding investment guide and a tutorial video is available for purchase in our shop.  Check out the interview, and stay tuned for the next two segments!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.