2 Day Shoot and Edit Workshop

$ 125.00

Day 1: Fundamentals of Lighting and Posing (4 hours)

This hands-on course is designed to teach all aspects of lighting, from very basic one-light setups through complex multiple light sets!  we will cover the foundations of portrait lighting. Starting with just one light, we’ll discuss the four common lighting patterns; split, Rembrandt, loop (with variations), and butterfly; and we’ll demystify broad and short lighting. We’ll demonstrate how to analyze facial features in order to determine the best lighting for your client, making your clients look their best and More

Day 2:  All About Lightroom

In this full day class we’ll explore file management and processing, delving into the host of workflow problems that digital photography creates. Then discuss file organization, resolution, conversion, processing, and more. In this course, you will cover not only the essential Lightroom functions of file processing and conversion, but also its more sophisticated uses such as integrations with Photoshop, and creating and using presets for streamlining your workflow

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